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National Milk gives farmers more choice and control of their milk price.

We help you lock in your milk price ahead of the season

We believe that Aussie Dairy Farmers deserve to know how much they can achieve for their milk in advance. That’s why our Fixed-Price Milk service offers you the opportunity to lock in a price for your milk up to 3 years ahead.

We help you sell your milk to more than one customer

Don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket? We can help you supply your milk to more than one customer, so you can better manage credit risk and take advantage of seasonal milk prices.

We help you access the Spot Market

Aussie farmers want better access to markets and market information. They want to know what their milk is worth at any time, and that they are getting a fair milk price determined via competitions. We can work together with you to help sell some of your milk at spot prices.

Your milk, your choice

We believe that with more choice farmers can make better decisions. We combine this with giving you market leading, independent information about the market values of milk so you can make better choices. We can also assist with cost hedging, such as grains, water and fertilizer.

Please get in touch today to find out how we can help you have more choice over your milk price.

Supplying milk to National Milk

Statement Of Circumstances in which National Milk is prepared to enter into a Milk Supply Agreement.

In accordance with the Dairy Industry Code of Conduct, our standard form non-exclusive milk supply agreement is published below.

At National Milk, we recognise that every farm and supplier is different: as such, we invite you to contact us about milk supply terms and conditions which suit your individual needs.

As at 1 June 2023, National Milk would enter into National Milk’s standard form non-exclusive milk supply agreement if the following circumstances exist: 

  1. The farmer has a current Dairy Licence;
  2. The farmer complies with all mandatory legal requirements in relation to milk production and supply, including the environment and animal welfare;
  3. The farmer wishes to supply National Milk on a non-exclusive basis;
  4. The farm has safe and efficient tanker access;
  5. The farmer is able to demonstrate to National Milk’s reasonable satisfaction that it has a good record of supplying quality milk over the past 3 years;
  6. The farmer meets National Milk’s supplier acceptance checks;
  7. The farmer is able to demonstrate that they can comply with the obligations set out in National Milk’s milk supply agreement;
  8. The proposed milk supply is spread reasonably evenly across the Supply Period;
  9. It is on or before the 15th of July 2023;
  10. At any time, National Milk may decline to enter into any new milk supply agreements if it has secured sufficient commitments to its customers. 


Milk Supply Agreement


Report on Disputes

Report on Disputes

Previous Milk Supply Agreements

Non-Exclusive Milk Supply Agreement 2022/23 (current)

Statement of Circumstances 2022/23

Non-Exclusive Milk Supply Agreement 2022/23 (version 1) – archived on 19/06/2022.

For more information about the Dairy Code, visit

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