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National Milk can help you have more choice and control about how you buy milk.

At NatMilk, we believe in working together to help the Aussie Dairy Industry grow and flourish. To achieve this, we offer milk price solutions which are fair for farmers, processors and consumers.

We help you have more milk price certainty

We work with farmers to have price certainty 3+ years out – we can do this for milk buyers as well. We buy and sell milk both in season as well as for certain periods of time in future seasons – for example, we can provide a known milk price for future peak periods to improve your recruitment.

We help you get additional supply

We work with processors to deliver fixed price solutions to their farmers – tools which can be used to attract and retain farmer supply. We also help to remove the complexity of providing fixed prices to farmers – we can manage billing, logistics and farmer relations for your fixed price programme.

We help you manage your price risk

We can help you take milk you are buying off farm and link it to commodity prices – so that if commodity markets fall, your milk price will fall too. This will help you to manage margins, rather than worrying about where markets are headed.

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